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About Jean

Everlasting love is a sign of beauty. Everlasting beauty is a sign of peace of mind. Everlasting peace of mind is a sign of love.
Such a cycle we can run!


I am originally from central rural Minnesota 100 miles north of Minneapolis---
I grew up on a resort lake. As a result I have always been drawn to outdoors and nature.


Swedish and Norwegian

Current Location:

 Ventura, CA--
I moved to So. California in 1968. I recently moved to Ventura along the coast after having lived in the northern foothills above Los Angeles where I could see the stars at night and the silhouettes of the mountains at dusk, which many times inspired my writing.


I enjoy arts and entertainment, educating myself politically, philosophy, psychology and spirituality.
But writing is my number one love. It gives me immense pleasure to color my words and eventually your world with them.

I have completed my first novel called "Love Song" and am working on the re-edit.

I am also well into the current writing of my second novel entitled "Every Little Secret Thing," an autobiography of all the drama my life has held since inception.


Actors:           Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Geoffrey Rush

                         Actresses:     Meryl Streep, Judi Dench, Diane Keaton, Helen Mirren

                      Movies:        Bridges of Madison County, several others

           Music:            Pop, Opera, Classical, early 80's--classic rock, country rock

                                                      Singers:     U2 is the bomb! Big Journey  and Eagles fan--also like: Enya, Celine Dion, Barbara Streisland, Andrea Bocelli,
and any music that sets my soul on fire with heated passion.
Colors:            Mother Earth

Food:              Mexican and Italian

Hobbies:       Golf, traveling, riding bike, the beach, exploring, theater and number 1: Writing!

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An Introduction to Jean Lund, The Writer
Jean Lund is a writer, who has written "Love Story," which is about online love and is in the process of writing her second book, "Every Little Secret Thing," which happens to be her autobiography. She is also actively involved in raising awareness about "Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome" of which she herself is a victim.
About Jean Lund
Jean Lund had a difficult childhood, which was made much bearable by the constancy and support provided by her maternal grandparents. Her mother, Patricia, and her father, Bob Lund, had a turbulent marriage, which led to a separation. This resulted mainly because the father had neglected her older brother, while her mother had been busy earning a living. One day, her mother decided that she had had enough and called her parents for help. Her parents were amazing and immediately came to Patty's rescue. It was unfortunate that her granddad had to suffer an assault by her father. In the end, her brother Bobby had been taken care of by his maternal grandparents, who adored him. Jean was conceived during a short-lived reconciliation with her parents. Her grandparents, who finally adopted the two children legally, also raised her. Thanks to the unconditional lover showered by her grandparents, she considers her childhood days as her most unforgettable and happiest days.
Things soon took a turn for the worse, when the grandparents began to have trouble. This was because, her grandfather had found out he loved another woman and this was driving her grandmother to the point of desperation. Lund went on to lead the life of a teen, who finally got married and had three children to find out she had not much help from her husband. He was shying from his responsibilities and eventually, she divorced him, got married again, while still struggling to take care of three children. Her second husband divorced her, but she had managed to be financially capable of supporting her family. She eventually got a job at a new internet based firm that did very well for sometime, until it got bust.
Jean Lund discovered that she has a passion for writing and begun to write. Her first book is about two married people, who meet online, chat, exchange e-mails, and eventually fall in love with each other. They realize that their love is doomed, as both have other commitments. However, they spend two weeks together, which makes them realize that they just have to be together. They cause a lot of hurt and pain to their partners, get divorced, and try to live happily together, but somehow, the woman ends up leaving her partner and seeking psychiatric help to solve her problems. Her second book sheds light on what made Jean Lund, Jean Lund. She has to be appreciated for being a brave woman, who despite the risk of being slighted by society has openly acknowledged her problems with Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome and sought help for others like her. Her aim is to promote awareness and to help find a cure, if any for the condition "Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome."
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