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A Little Poetry


Music of carolers float through the air.
Stockings filled tightly with love and with care.
A tree reaching high. Just room for the star.
I wonder how many decorations there are.

The turkey is cooking and the smell is devine.
Out comes my father for each a small wine.
Nuts and candies all over the place.
A fantasy land with a Santa Claus face.

Toys by the dozens and lots of warm clothes.
Camera bulbs flashing for us as we pose.
This was Christmas at my house.

Snow on the ground and outlining the trees.
Northern winds blowing just a slight breeze.
Icicles hanging from the roof to the door.
It's sad those kind of Chrismas's won't be anymore.

Jack Frost nipping the tips of your toes.
Your hands, and your ears and even your nose.
Sledding down hills and making snowmen.
Snowball fights with friends now and then.

Ice skating on the lake so crystal and clear.
It's sad those Christmas's will never be here.


Checker boards of little men
going off to war.
Queens protecting Knights in armor
while Kings sit in galore.

March two straight and one right.
Watch that Castle door!
Careful! Bishops can also fight
but Rooks do even more.

Knights jump in to save the Queen
while Pawns sneak swifty past.
A Queen's "Hurray!" as she gives a cheer.
The King's in check at last.

But wait! There was a hidden move
for your opposing side.
There goes the Queen! Goodbye my love
as in his Bishop slides.

Fast retreat and hurried moves
as the tables turn.
One by one your men are gone;
the surprise you've let to learn.

The final move has now been played.
You finally took the bait.
There's no move left for you to make.
Your King sits in checkmate.

(soon after the birth of the Internet)

Took a little side trip
just the other day.
Was really taken back some
by what quickly came my way.

Heavy moaning.
People groaning.
A different kind of race.
I just walked in from where I'd been
and had sex in cyberspace!

People lusting.
People thrusting.
It was quite a sight to see.
The lines went flying by so fast
that I didn't think to flee.

Wax on. Wax off.
Bodies all over the place.
And when they were done, they said "Thanks for the fun."
And disapeared right in front of your face.

Copyright 1968, 1972 and 1995 Jeannie Allen